Celebrating Young Voices: Unpacking the Significance of Youth Week WA


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The Origins of Youth Week in WA

Youth Week WA, is a pivotal event in Western Australia that celebrates and acknowledges the contributions of young people to their communities. Originating as a government initiative, the week aims to highlight the talents, achievements, and concerns of individuals aged 12 to 25. The Department of Communities plays a crucial role in this event, fostering youth engagement and empowerment by supporting various activities and initiatives that encourage young people to express their views and actively participate in community life. In 2024, Youth Week adopts the theme of Head, Body and Heart, which serves as a reminder to check in with your head, body and heart and to extend that care to others.


Empowering Youth Through the KickstART Festival

One of the standout features of Youth Week WA is the collaboration with Propel Youth Arts to organise the KickstART Festival. This year, it falls on Saturday the 6th of April. This festival incorporates a variety of activities that allows young artists and creatives to showcase their talents and express their unique perspectives. From visual arts to music and performance, the KickstART Festival is a testament to the diverse abilities of Western Australia’s youth, highlighting the importance of artistic expression in personal and community development. The KickstART festival website contains a program displaying the workshops, performances and exhibitions that are being held.


Young People at the Helm: The Planning Committee

A key aspect of Youth Week WA is the involvement of the Young People’s Planning Committee. This group, including the Youth Week WA 2024 Ambassadors and other young individuals from various backgrounds, takes the lead in planning and developing the events and activities for the week. Their active participation ensures that Youth Week WA remains relevant and resonant with the youth, promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility among the participants.


Youth Week WA Grants Program

To further support youth initiatives, Youth Week WA offers a grants program that provides funding for projects and activities across the state. This financial assistance enables young people and organisations to bring their ideas to life, fostering innovation and creativity while addressing issues important to the youth community.


The Role of Youth Ambassadors

Youth Week WA appoints Ambassadors who represent and voice the interests and concerns of young people throughout the state. This year’s Youth ambassadors are Fatima Merchant, Nathida Chalermsuk, Samuel Thomas and Izabella Brandis. These ambassadors play a crucial role in promoting the week’s events and objectives, encouraging their peers to get involved and make the most of the opportunities presented.


Objectives of Youth Week WA 2024

Looking ahead to Youth Week WA 2024, the goals remain clear: to provide opportunities for youth expression, raise awareness of issues affecting young people, and showcase their significant contributions to the community. By achieving these objectives, Youth Week WA aims to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for young Western Australians.


Impact on Community and Youth Engagement

The impact of Youth Week WA extends beyond the participants, influencing the wider community’s perception and understanding of young people’s roles in society. The event promotes increased dialogue and collaboration between different age groups, celebrating the diverse voices and perspectives that young people bring to the table.


Getting Involved in Youth Week WA

Youth Week WA is an open invitation for individuals and organisations to participate in and contribute to the celebration of young people’s achievements and aspirations. Whether through attending events, volunteering, spreading awareness online, or providing support, there are numerous ways to get involved and show support for youth empowerment in Western Australia.

Youth Week WA is a vital initiative that not only recognises the contributions of young people but also empowers them to take charge of their futures. By fostering engagement, creativity, and leadership, this event paves the way for a more inclusive and vibrant community.