International Youth Day: Celebrating Children and Young People


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International Youth Day 2022

There are close to 8 billion people in the world right now. Around 2.6 billion people are aged between 0 – 19 years, making up 33% of our global population.

Here in Australia, our population sits at around 25.9 million people, with 4.9 million (or 24.3%) in the 0 – 19 age group.

The UN has officially declared young people (10 – 25 years) as the largest generation in global history.

Friday, August 12 marks International Youth Day – an important initiative celebrated every year. It offers a platform to call attention to youth concerns on a global scale and seeks to empower and honour young people.  Engaging with youth on issues that impact them and their views has never been more important. Young people today need community support and education to have the confidence and ability to make good decisions.

To help educate future generations, it is imperative to provide relevant and helpful resources to support them as young children and through their challenging journey into adolescence.

At a local level, Constable Care Foundation (CCF) is dedicated to providing the best safety education possible to children and young people and strives to look for new opportunities to continually support them in different ways.

Earlier this year, CCF in partnership with Primary Ethics, launched an innovative pilot Ethics Program, which aims to teach ethical reasoning and critical thinking skills to children.

The concept for the program was borne following research indicating that developing ethical reasoning skills in childhood will help young people make better decisions when faced with risk or important decisions and ultimately will help them become productive members of society.

For over 30 years, Constable Care Foundation has been supporting children and young people through creative harm-prevention programs using theatre, technology, film and art.

We offer a diverse range of free programs to primary school aged and secondary school students with the hope they will use the knowledge and education throughout their lives.

Find out more about the programs we offer. We are committed to making a difference to the lives of children and young people and on International Youth Day, we celebrate them all.