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oversharing - youth choices

A new interactive virtual reality film exploring the impact of cyber bullying has been released by Youth Choices (empowered by Constable Care Foundation).

With the start of a new school term, the focus on educating students about online use and protocols has never been more important. Children and young people are often at risk of experiencing cyber bullying and need to develop important decision-making skills around cyber safety.

Overshare is an interactive Virtual Reality (VR) film that allows young people to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, experiencing first-hand the effects and consequences of the choices they make online. Students can rehearse real life experiences by engaging with the potential dangers and complexities of cyber-bullying and how they have the power to change the online culture of their communities.

eSafety is Australia’s online safety regulator and runs a cyberbullying scheme which enables the reporting and removal of serious bullying material targeting an Australian child. eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, said: The latest eSafety research shows that 45% of children had been treated in a hurtful way online. This campaign is a very important reminder that anything you share online can remain there indefinitely – and once shared may be out of your control. While eSafety Is here to help remove seriously harmful content and support all Australians experiencing various forms of online abuse, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – so we all need to be mindful of what we share online.”

As an extension of the campaign, Constable Care Foundation’s youth brand, Youth Choices is also presenting free Overshare VR incursions to WA schools and youth centres:

  • This 90-minute classroom workshop works with a class sizes of up to 25-30 students, from Years 7-10.
  • Students participate in facilitated discussions and group activities investigating and unravelling the issues of cyberbullying after the VR experience.
  • Students collaborate to find solutions for the characters while gaining a greater awareness of their rights and responsibilities online.

The film and accompanying Teacher Resources are online and free for students, young people and teachers to use throughout Australia. If you would like to book an Overshare VR Incursion, please use our booking form.

The Overshare project is supported by the e-Safety Commission’s online Safety Grant Program.