Secondary School Intensives

When a more focused approach is required, a Youth Choices Intensive program is the answer


Sometimes adolescent challenges require a deeper focus. This is where our Secondary School Intensives program can help shape positive social change.

Youth Choices intensive programs assist in creating a ‘ripple effect’ that triggers meaningful discussion about an issue, chosen by the participants, across the schools’ wider community. Using internationally recognised Forum Theatre, issues explored include topics such as bullying, sexuality, drug abuse, discrimination, mental illness and gaming addiction. 

Program structure

Youth Choices facilitators work with students twice weekly over a ten-week term to navigate concerns and develop coping strategies and solutions for a relevant issue.

Programs culminate in a hard-hitting performance triggering meaningful discussion about the chosen issue amongst the school or youth group’s wider community.


Studies undertaken by Edith Cowan University Child Health Promotion Research Centre in 2014, and further external evaluations since, have consistently found that the benefits for students, teachers and schools who take part are many, including changes in knowledge, attitude and behaviour among students, and improvements in peer and teacher-relationships.

What Next?

To learn more about Youth Choices programs, or to make a booking please contact our Youth Choices Coordinator.