Crime Stoppers WA put the brakes on bike theft with Bikelinc


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To help reduce bike theft in WA, Crime Stoppers WA has developed Bikelinc – an online community tool that helps bike-minded people keep bikes with their rightful owners. More than 9,000 bikes have been reported stolen in WA each year for the past five years, with a 64% increase in stolen bikes over the past 10 years.

Bikelinc connects you, your bike, the WA Police Force and cycling community. Bike owners and retailers create a free profile of their bike/s on Bikelinc using the bike’s serial number to link it to them as the rightful owner. Constable Care Safety School has registered all its bikes with Bikelinc.

Police officers are very successful in recovering and retrieving bikes but have difficulty in returning them to their owners. This searchable tool allows police officers to check Bikelinc in order to confirm the ownership of bikes that come into their possession, or to check the bona fides of people claiming to own bikes.
Bike retailers also have the ability to upload their high-end stock to Bikelinc and transfer a bike to its new owner’s profile upon purchase. With the history of ram raids on bicycle shops, the retailers are also very supportive of Bikelinc.

Developed by Crime Stoppers WA, endorsed by the WA Police Force and supported by WestCycle, your personal information is kept safe and secure on this Crime Stoppers WA platform.

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