Stay safe over summer with tips from NPB Security


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stay safe over summer with tips from NPM security

December brings about the best time of the year – the Festive Season!

Whilst it’s a time to catch up with friends and family, celebrate the year with colleagues, take a well-earned holiday or attend an event in Perth, it’s also a time to remember some easy steps to protect yourself and belongings.

NPB Security is one of Western Australia’s leading security providers, safeguarding people and assets for over 10 years in the retail, hospitality, mining and construction sectors.

A proud sponsor of our City After Dark Program, NPB Security wanted to share their top tips to keep you safe and happy this holiday season.

Christmas Celebrations
Stay with your mates
Look after your friends on nights out and keep in touch to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Don’t leave your drink unattended
Only leave your drink with close friends or colleagues; unfortunately not everyone has good intentions on a night out. Better yet, take your drink with you if can.

Site Closure
Lock away items and signage
Before closing up for the rest of the year, be sure to secure any items on site, that might be entertaining to passers-by! This includes signage, traffic cones or anything else that might end up in the wrong hands.

Christmas Shopping
Hold onto your bags
Heading to the shops in December can be stressful. With so many people around, always have your trolley and shopping basket within arm’s reach and keep your handbag or wallet on your person.

Secure your Home
Be aware of what items are on display
Sharing your Christmas tree, wrapped gifts and decorations is a great way to spread festive cheer along your street, but be aware of what you are advertising to passers-by.

Unfortunately, not everyone has good intentions so be sure to lock your windows and limit the items on display that may attract unwanted attention.

Don’t leave signs you’re away
Before you head off on a well-deserved holiday, ask a relative, friend or neighbour to check on your home in your absence. Simple things like collecting your mail and taking your rubbish bins in and out, helps to create the impression of someone being home.

Sensor lights and lamp timing switches are a worthy investment, to deter any unwanted visitors from approaching your house.

Ask for help from a security guard or police officer
Security guards and police attend events to keep you safe, so if you need help don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Stay hydrated
Whether it’s at the cricket or your own backyard, be sure to drink plenty of water when in our beautiful Australian sun! If you’re heading to events, check out the drink refill stations or plan ahead with enough water to keep you going.

Enjoy this wonderful time of year and celebrate safely!