Bullying & Empathy


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Students across the country are learning about tolerance and empathy with National Day of Action Against Bullying and Harmony Day both approaching.

However one just has to read the news to see that the values of respect and inclusion are still vitally important in our society.

Constable Care Foundation performance incursions for both primary and secondary students, aim to get students thinking critically about how their behaviour can affect other people.

“By getting up on stage and playing out their suggestions, students are empowered to think about what kind of school, community and world they would like to live in,” says Constable Care Foundation CEO David Gribble.


‘Trending’ – years 4-6


Trending explores the importance of online respect and consent, as well as the consequences of trolling, online abuse and sending private pictures. Through the interactive playbacks and discussions, students are able to practice prosocial skills and collaborate to solve challenging predicaments facing young people today.


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‘Standing Out’ – years 7-12

Bullying and diversity

Standing Out examines bullying and aggression in regards to LGBTQI+ students. Using interactive forum theatre, students are encouraged to examine the impact of bullying on mental health and explore how they can be supportive to their peers.

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‘Frenemies’ – years 4-6

Empathy and respectful friendships 

Jasper is the new kid in school and is having a hard time fitting in – how can you help? With the overarching aim of bullying prevention, this show helps children develop pro-social skills and supports them in creating and promoting a culture of respect and consideration amongst their school community.

This interactive performance encourages year 4-6 students to think about how their behaviour can affect other people. It also helps them build confidence in social situations, making friends and developing resilience.

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‘No offence’ – years 7 to 12

Racism and microaggressions

No Offence explores how people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds experience racism, bullying and microaggressions, both accidental and explicit. Through the feature film and a follow up interactive discussion, students will examine diverse perspectives in their community and develop their own empathy and appreciation of cultural diversity in their communities.

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‘Isolation’ – years 7 to 12

Empathy and respect

Mocked, physically assaulted, relentlessly pursued both at school and online, this powerful four-actor theatre workshop portrays real students’ experiences of bullying, cyberbullying and their impacts on their mental health. This performance for Years 7 to 11 uses playbacks and student on-stage participation to revisit actions and their consequences in order to find better ways to address bullying behaviours and change the culture of bullying amongst students.

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