Topic: Cyberbullying, Social Media Content Sharing & Consent


Taylor was so looking forward to these holidays, hanging out with friends doing awesome stuff…

But when some kid decided it would be fun to take some embarrassing pics and post them online, turning Taylor into the latest ‘Weird Dancing Kid’ meme, the holidays didn’t turn out to be so much fun after all… For anyone!

Helping them to understand the importance of online respect and consent, as well as the consequences of trolling, online abuse and sending private pictures. Through the interactive playbacks and discussions, students are able to practice prosocial skills and collaborate to solve challenging predicaments facing young people today.

Concepts addressed:

  • Cyberbullying and Trolling
  •  Social Media protocols  Cybersafety and the Law 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sending and Posting Personal/Intimate photos  Respect, Empathy and Consent in all online activities
  • Topic: Cyberbullying, Social Media Content Sharing & Consent Education

Topic: Cyber-bullying

Running Time: 45 minutes including a Q&A at the end

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