Back To School Safety Tips for WA Parents and Children


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Back to school education concept

Constable Care Child Foundation urges vigilance as children head back to school after the long summer break

WA parents and motorists are being reminded about road safety risks as children across the state begin the 2023 school year.

Constable Care Child Safety CEO, David Gribble, has appealed for parents to talk to their children about getting to and from school safely and for motorists to be vigilant especially around schools and school zones.

“Too many children suffered injuries last year which is not only traumatic for the child involved but also affects the parents, relatives and friends, as well as any driver that hits a child, “Mr Gribble said. “At the beginning of a new school year, children are often excited, distracted and not yet in a routine so it is important to have a safety conversation with them.”

Parents are encouraged to:

  • Do a ‘test run’ with children before school starts so that they are familiar with the process and know the most direct route and the safest places to cross roads, meet parents or walk home
  • Talk to children about protective behaviours and remind them not to talk to strangers or accept a lift home unless it has been pre-organised
  • Discuss a ‘secret password’ if someone else is organised to pick up your child from school that hasn’t be pre-arranged
  • Parents and Carer’s taking images of children in their school uniform, ensure they lock down privacy settings and share only with people you know and trust
  • Reinforce that children should avoid walking or riding behind buses and other dangerous blind spots
  • Be alert around driveway safety. Supervise your children before turning on your car. Separate play areas from the driveway, see where children are before reversing. If you don’t know – Don’t go.
  • Remind children that if they are riding to school, helmets are a must
  • Parents should obey road rules and not double park for children pick-up or block roads around school zones
  • Expect the unexpected in the first few weeks as children are often distracted and out of routine

With school returning, drivers are being warned to slow down, be aware of their surroundings around their own driveways, schools and school zones and stay off mobile phones. WA Police are likely to be out enforcing the 40km per hour speed limit in school zones.

Over the past two years the Constable Care Safety School has helped nearly 30,000 primary school children learn vital road safety skills that could one day save their life.

“Teachers can play their part in ensuring 2023 is a safe one for their young charges by booking a must-do school excursion to our world-class facility,” Mr Gribble advised. “Children learn bike, pedestrian and public transport safety skills in a safe environment, potentially leading to fewer injuries in children travelling to and from school.”

Visit our Safety School for more information.