School Excursions

Children explore real-life transport risks and practice road, pedestrian, bike and public transport safety skills in a safe, realistic urban environment.

Overview of our Primary School Excursions in Perth

During our school excursions, children explore real-life transport risks and practice road, pedestrian, bike and public transport safety skills in a safe and realistic environment.

We have one of WA’s most exciting outdoor excursion destinations for primary schools.

The Safety School teaches vital skills to keep children aged 4 – 12 years safe on the roads. Sadly, road trauma remains a leading cause of death and serious injury in WA children.

Our centre is the only one of its kind in WA and offers a fun, hands-on learning experience linked to the WA curriculum.

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  • Scale buildings, bus stop and train station;
  • Working rail platform and pedestrian crossings;
  • Functioning traffic lights;
  • School zones including ‘kiss and drive’ zone; and
  • Intersections and a roundabout.

Students learn how to negotiate hazards they may encounter in real life as pedestrians and cyclists and learn to make safer choices.

Mini iPads loaded with our innovative augmented reality (AR) app allow children to interact with engaging AR characters to solve realistic transport dangers.

  • water bottle
  • sun protective hat
  • sunscreen
  • enclosed shoes
  • clothes suitable for riding bikes
  • wear weather appropriate clothing
  • long hair tied low to allow for helmets to be worn
  • a snack if desired

All equipment including bikes, helmets and iPads are provided.

Please note: the Constable Care Safety School is an outdoor environment with no cafe facilities.

Benefits of our School Excursions

Our school excursions offer invaluable experiences for children, enabling them to  practice vital safety skills in a safe environment. These excursions provide hands-on learning that enhances students’ understanding of road safety. By engaging in interactive activities, children gain practical knowledge and confidence to navigate various transport scenarios safely.

These excursions are designed to foster essential life skills like  problem solving and situational awareness. Students work together, developing teamwork and communication abilities while reinforcing the importance of safety. Constable Care’s program immerses children in lifelike settings, allowing them to experience and respond to potential hazards in a controlled, supportive atmosphere.

By participating in these excursions, students are better equipped to make safe choices in real-world situations. Constable Care’s initiatives educate and empower children to be proactive and responsible members of the community, ensuring their well-being both now and in the future.

Getting here

The Constable Care Safety School is located at 48 Sixth Avenue in Maylands. It is easily accessible via train, bus or car. We encourage you to consider using public transport.

Maylands Station is just 600 metres away. The walk is easy with pedestrian access via Whatley Crescent, Sixth Avenue and the pedestrian overpass on Guildford Road. Please refer to Google maps for location and directions.

Bus stops are located on Guildford Rd just 30 metres from the Safety School entrance. Take Transperth bus routes 41, 48 and 55.

The car park is accessible from Peninsula Road (see map below). Please be cautious as this carpark is in the vicinity of a vacation care centre and there may be children around.

What Next?

The Safety School is open Mon-Fri during the school term, from 9:30am to 12:30pm. 

For more information please view our  information pageFAQs  or contact our Safety School Coordinator on  9272 0016 or

If the 9:30am session start time does not allow your school enough travel time, please let us know, as start and finish times may be able to be altered to accommodate.

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