Will you react to confrontational situations when pushed?


Do you throw a punch when some guy is in your face or try and work out what his problem is?

Do you shirtfront the guy who’s chatting to your girlfriend at the party – or let it go? Do you get to play in your team’s grand final – or do bad decisions off-field mean you’re just watching while your mates get the glory?

Topic: Conflict Resolution, Violence Prevention and Anger Management

ShirtFront puts YOU in the drivers seat about how you react to confrontational situations. Make the decisions and see what happens…

You and your two mates from school, Nick and James, are all on the local footy team and looking forward to playing in Saturday’s grand final. But your coach takes a dim view of his players getting into scrapes both on and off the field, so staying out of trouble between now and Saturday could be important.

But with a house party to go to, players from the other team causing trouble, and face-offs with Crazy Trent the school tough guy, staying cool and getting to play might be harder than it looks.

What Next?

Please be advised this experience contains coarse language and depictions of violence.

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