Youth Choices Films

Helping young people to make better life decisions, Youth Choices Films puts YOU in charge of the action.


Imagine being able to rewind your life after making a questionable decision.

Youth Choices’ suite of interactive films use the ‘choose your own adventure’ concept, where viewers become part of the action and make decisions as the story unfolds.

Viewer’s decisions determine how the story plays out.

Explore the risks and make safe choices on a range of youth issues including cyberbullying, alcohol abuse, violence, crime prevention and mental health.

When watched on mobile phones or tablets, cutting-edge virtual reality technology brings a gaming-like quality to some of the films.

Youth Choices films are inspired by winners of the annual student short film competition, run in conjunction with WA Police and the Commissioner for Children and Young People.

Helping young people to make better life decisions, Youth Choices Films puts YOU in charge of the action.

Take the drink or say no thanks? Throw a punch or let it go? Get in the stolen car or walk away?

In the classic style of “choose your own adventure” books, you decide the actions that change the story and the outcome. With multiple choices to make and lots of different endings, the story really is in your hands…

We’ve reimagined the engaging “interactive book” concept as a series of online films focused on youth crime and social issues such as alcohol abuse, violence and car theft. Each video is designed to be an immersive short story filmed from your “point of view” as the main character, and allows the viewer to make decisions that change the way the film plays out and ultimately the ending.

Video annotations technology is used to create seamless transitions from decision to decision, with the aim being to deliver a continuous and uninterrupted sense of story. Seeing “what would have happened” if you’d done something differently is a key aspect of these films, with each video designed to allow young people to go back through the story and make different decisions to see the outcome.

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Youth Choices Films are a collaboration between a number of community partners, without any one of whom the program wouldn't happen.

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