Do you get in the car you know might be stolen?


You’re going to have to make some fast choices and they better be good ones, otherwise getting home or even just staying alive is going to be harder then you thought…

It’s Saturday afternoon and you and your cousin Darren have been out in the city with the boys, but now you have to get home. There’s no way you can walk all the way to Joondalup, and you haven’t got any money left for the train.

Then Gav rocks up in a sweet car looking pleased with himself and offering you a ride. It’s not long before you work out that Gav’s pinched it and you’re not going to Joondalup any time soon.

Topic: Risk-Taking Behaviour and Car Jacking, Speeding and Driver Distraction, Critical Thinking

What the hell do you do now? Do you get in or find another way home? If you’re in, how will you get out again without ending up in court or dead?

You’ve got to get home and you better get Darren there in one piece or Aunty Roz is going to kill you.

What Next?

Please be advised this experience contains coarse language and depictions of violence.

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