Overshare VR

Understanding the online world using VR technology.

Overview of our Cyber Safety Program

In the age of the internet, the online world is a central part of modern teenage life.

Our unique Virtual Reality (VR) Incursion program supports and empowers young people to safely navigate life online. Offering a powerful immersive experience, it addresses cyber safety risks, including cyberbullying, and combines classroom teaching with state-of-the-art technology.

‘Overshare’  is a Virtual Reality film informed by Constable Care Foundation’s work with young people. Students don VR headsets to become part of the action and explore the risks of digital communication before participating in cyber awareness activities.

Bring cyber safety lessons to life with this unique incursion, free for Western Australian secondary schools and community groups.

Program structure

This 90-minute classroom workshop works with a class size of up to 25-30 students, from Years 7-10.

Beginning with the VR Interactive film ‘Overshare’, students use VR headsets, engaging in the scenario and characters in an immersive experience. Like a virtual game, they have to make choices along the way, affecting the final outcomes for the characters.

Students then participate in a series of facilitated discussions and group activities investigating and unravelling the issues and are supported in collaborating to find solutions for the characters, all the while gaining a greater awareness of their rights and responsibilities online.

Importance of Cyber Safety Education

In today’s digital age, cyber safety education is crucial for empowering young people to navigate the online world safely. Constable Care’s cyber safety program for schools offers an innovative approach to teaching these vital skills. By immersing students in realistic scenarios through the VR film ‘Overshare,’ the program highlights the risks of digital communication and cyberbullying.

This interactive experience, coupled with classroom discussions and activities, equips students with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions online. Providing this education free to Western Australian secondary schools and community groups ensures wide accessibility, creating a safer digital environment for all.

What Next?

To learn more about Youth Choices programs, or to make a booking please contact our Arts and Education Coordinator.

Watch a short overview of the incursion