Safety School: Road Safety WA Education

WA’s only road, transport and pedestrian safety excursion

Overview of Road Safety

The most exciting outdoor excursion for primary school students addressing road safety in WA.

Road trauma is one of the leading causes of death and hospitalisation for children here in WA which is why we run our road safety programs.

Few people realise that WA has one of the highest per-capita state road tolls in Australia, tragically, our children make up a disproportionate number of these deaths when compared to other states and territories. Through a unique early intervention education approach, the Constable Care Safety School is working to address our children’s road safety in WA through our road safety programs.

Road Safety Programs

Our range of road safety programs offers excursions, incursions, and school holiday programs. Through our programs, children engage with real-life road hazards and develop essential road safety skills to effectively manage potential risks.

We strive to establish a safe and immersive environment during our school excursions, ensuring that both children and their parents feel completely at ease.

Overview of the Constable Care Safety School Experiential learning centre

Safety School Partners

Thanks to the generous support and commitment of our major partners of the Constable Care Safety School, the Foundation is able to provide road safety education to over 7000 West Australian children each year.