Remote Schools Media Programs

Exploring solutions to youth issues through creative film-making processes


In this unique program, remote and regional students explore and develop solutions to challenging youth issues through creative film making processes.

Working closely with the school’s teachers and counsellors/pastors, the program works with indigenous and non-indigenous students, to discuss and make films about issues of their choosing, that are impacting them, thereby giving them a voice to express what is going on and a chance to explore potential solutions.

Previous programs have covered issues such as the dangers of sniffing, marijuana, school absenteeism, violence, healthy relationships, mental illness and protective behaviours.

Remote Media Programs give participants a voice and help them develop effective strategies to resolve problems, leading to positive community outcomes.

Program structure

Under the guidance of our facilitators, students research and discuss issues and creatively explore solutions through the representation of their own experience via a short film, music video or commercial. This is screened at a community forum, engaging participants and a public audience of peers and wider networks in a discussion and collaboration on solutions.

What Next?

To learn more about Youth Choices programs, or to make a booking please contact our Youth Choices Coordinator.

Watch a short overview of the program