Would You

Understanding consent in relationships


Would You explores how consent permeates almost every aspect of our relationships with others, including family, friends, dating, and romantic partners.

Challenging, thought provoking, and realistic – this evocative short film and theatre in education presentation compels young people to think about consent in all its forms. By depicting realistic scenarios ranging from being teased by Mum and Dad about going on a date, to the intricacies of healthy and unhealthy relationships, the program serves as a vital part of consent education in schools.

This script was devised in collaboration with Western Australian high school students, based on their real experiences of negotiating consent with each other at school and on weekends, and at home with their families.

After watching the film, we generate an empathy driven dialogue to break down this challenging problem. This discussion encourages the audience to engage deeply with the underlying lesson on consent, paving the way for exploring practical solutions together.

Topic: Consent, empathy, healthy relationships

Running Time: 60 – 90 minutes including student interactive participation and a 15 minute short film.

Importance of Consent

Understanding the importance of consent is fundamental to fostering respectful and healthy relationships. Consent is about giving permission or agreeing to something based on mutual understanding and respect. It’s crucial in all aspects of life, from personal relationships to professional interactions. Teaching young people about the importance of consent helps them to navigate their relationships more safely and respectfully. Our program is designed to illustrate these points through realistic scenarios and discussions, ensuring that the lesson on consent resonates deeply with the audience.

The importance of consent education in schools is evident in the Western Australian Curriculum. A mandate was recently passed for consent education to become a requirement for schools in Western Australia from the beginning of 2024.

What Next?

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