Safety School: On The Road

A Constable Care Safety School incursion is an engaging, hands-on, curriculum-linked experience.


For schools unable to take an excursion to our unique Safety School in Maylands, our best-practice road safety activities for primary schools can come to you!

Safety School: On The Road is an engaging, hands-on school incursion experience, that is directly linked to the Western Australian school curriculum.

Our  road safety activities for primary school students help them develop knowledge and understanding, as well as critical thinking skills around road safety, infrastructure and local signage.

Trained Safety School facilitators lead students through a series of activities encouraging them to consider safety-conscious cyclist, pedestrian and passenger behaviours.

Incursions are conducted both inside  and outside of the classroom and can be delivered to classes of up to 30 students. They are supported by our award-winning augmented reality app, Arility, which brings road safety lessons to life and turns learning into fun.

What Next?

To book a performance please contact our Safety School Coordinator below.