Experience all the excitement of your typical high school party and see if you can deal with the Pressure!


Its closing night and time to let loose and party with the cast and crew. Mum’s lending you the car for the night… and you’ve promised not to drink.

You get to the party and what could go wrong, right? But there’s just so many people to catch up with and things going on that maybe sticking to the plan isn’t that easy.

Topic: Alcohol & substance abuse and peer pressure

Join Dan on a night out and help him navigate the pressure of a party night with school mates. Benji, his oldest friend, is going through a rough time, just been kicked out of home, and seems to be taking way too much dope… And Maddy, the cute girl from the play; there’s been some obvious flirting going down, so is tonight the night it will happen?

Which way will it go? Should he support his friend? Can he hook up with the girl he has a crush on? Can he stop his friend from being arrested with drugs? Will he be able to save someone who’s Will he stay sober enough to drive home?

It’s just another high school party weekend.

What Next?

Please be advised this experience contains coarse language and depictions of violence.

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