Holiday Cheer and Back-to-Basics Safety: Be Crowd Safe


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As December is here, so too comes the big countdown to Christmas and the summer school holidays. Children are abuzz with excitement of what is to come as parents and carers busily juggle the festive demands of the holiday season. Whilst it is the season to be jolly, it can also be a chaos-filled time.

With more people on the road, holiday crowds to contend with and parents and carers managing work commitments, it’s a good idea to ensure children are aware of some basic safety tips.

It’s important not to underestimate the value of teaching children about simple safety rules to help keep themselves, siblings and friends safe this holiday season. With a few enlightening conversations, you can help your kids avoid potentially dangerous situations and reduce the worry so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday too.

Here are some helpful ways to educate your kids without overwhelming them.

Be Crowd Safe

This time of year, brings about a huge number of festivals, events and community-based celebrations which attract large crowds. Losing sight of your child at a large event can be heart-stopping. A few good safety tips can make all the difference and ensure your day doesn’t end in tears.

  • Take a fun snap before you leave. Taking a photo of your child in their outfit before you leave for an event will help make the reuniting process smoother, on the rare occasion it may be needed.
  • Write your phone number on your child’s clothing tag or ensure they know it. This can be the quickest way of reuniting a child with their family.
  • Constable Care Lost Child Point. If there is one at the event, be sure to grab an ID wristband to write your contact details on and secure this to your child’s wrist. Show your child where the Family Meeting Point is so they know a safe place to seek help if you become separated.

With a few simple tips, you can help take the worry out of the school holidays and make the most of these memorable moments with your family.

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