National Child Protection Week 2023: Where We Start Matters


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National Child Protection Week runs from 3-9 September, and this year’s theme is “Where We Start Matters”.
The theme champions the message that every child in every community needs a fair go, aiming to capture the essence of National Child Protection Week, which is the belief in and promotion of a safe and supported life for all children, now and in the future. But what does this mean?
  • Where We Start our lives in terms of where we live, the resources available to us, and the opportunities presented to us make a significant difference to our life outcomes.
  • Where We Start as a service sector in offering children and their families support and assistance makes a significant difference to life outcomes.
  • Where We Start as decision makers in addressing large complex policy problems such as child abuse and neglect, also has a significant personal, social and economic outcomes.
  • Where We Start isn’t where we finish.

Constable Care Foundation uses participatory approaches when delivering in-school safety and social education to children and young people. The Foundation’s programs raise awareness, influence attitudes, and deliver real behaviour change, making a significant difference to the lives of children and young people across Western Australia. Learn more about the Foundation’s programs for children.

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