Tech teaches kids to combat germs


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In this Covid-19 era, health safety has never been more important or at the forefront of our minds.

In this Covid-19 era, health safety has never been more important or at the forefront of our minds.

A new health education pack released on Constable Care Foundation’s award-winning app, Arility, comes at a time when infection control through practices such as handwashing are a key strategy to reducing the risk of Covid-19.

The program teaches children aged 5 – 12 important safety rules on the transmission of germs and other health risks related to blood exposure and discarded needles and syringes.


Arility uses the power of augmented reality (AR) technology to bring safety lessons to life on classroom iPads or Android devices. Students interact with engaging AR characters to learn to make safe choices.

The app takes students through three different health safety scenarios:

  • A classroom setting where students learn about germs and proper hygiene practices;
  • Friends playing football together teaches about the risks of coming into contact with someone else’s blood in sport and play, and
  • A community playground setting where children learn how to respond to discarded needles and syringes.


The timely release of the health safety pack will help students and teachers stay safe in the current Covid-19 environment and into the future.

Constable Care Foundation CEO David Gribble says with children now back in the classroom following the recent snap WA lockdown, teachers have a new and highly engaging resource to educate children on reducing the spread of germs and other health safety risks.

In addition to the new health program, Arility provides education packs on road safety for primary schools in Australia and the UK, as well as flood and driving safety for young people aged 16 years and older.

“Arility is a highly engaging, interactive learning experience with augmented reality proven to keep children’s attention and focus, improving their retention and knowledge of a subject,” Mr Gribble said.

To download, search ‘Arility’ in the App or Play Store.