The Lifelong Impact of Youth Safety Training

Constable Care’s First Aid Education in Schools

Constable Care has innovatively adapted our approach to meet the evolving needs of today’s students. The Foundation delivers programs that go beyond awareness. These initiatives actively promote safe behaviors and contribute significantly to the well-being of children and young people throughout Western Australia. Our commitment to advancing health and safety in schools represents a concrete response to modern educational challenges.


The Importance of First Aid Education in Schools

At the heart of any educational institution lies its commitment to student welfare. Preparing students for unforeseen emergencies underlines this very ethos. First aid education nurtures confidence and amplifies the significance of community care. In this sphere, Constable Care’s safety training program has emerged as a paragon, setting standards for health and safety in schools.


The Genesis of Constable Care’s First Aid Program

The creation of the Constable Care’s First Aid Heroes Program is a purposeful stride towards student welfare. Driven by a vision of amplifying health and safety in schools, the program has transformed educational institutions, instilling life-saving skills in the young and nurturing a culture of youth safety. Created in partnership with St John Ambulance, this entertaining and engaging puppet show for lower primary school children teaches them how to identify a medical emergency and what they can do to help.


What Sets Constable Care’s Program Apart

Many remember Constable Care for our iconic lower primary school puppet shows that have both entertained and educated numerous generations. The Foundation’s evolution reflects our keenness to address contemporary challenges faced by today’s young individuals. Embracing the dynamic, participatory methods of internationally-recognised Forum Theatre, we have expanded our reach and influence. By aiming not just to raise awareness but also to mold attitudes and instigate genuine behavioral shifts, our programs have made an indelible mark on the lives of children and young people across Western Australia. This holistic approach ensures that health and safety in schools isn’t merely a subject, but a lived experience.


The Curriculum

Like all of Constable Care Foundation’s in-school safety education programs, First Aid Heroes directly relates to the Western Australian Education Curriculum, using grade-specific first aid content that aligns with students’ developmental stages, ensuring maximum grasp.


Impact and Outcomes: Real World Benefits

The primary objective of Constable Care’s first aid training program is to enhance the knowledge base of students when identifying a medical emergency. This objective seeks to rectify common misunderstandings about first aid and instill a comprehensive understanding of the significance of prompt and appropriate responses in emergency situations. In line with this, the program consistently updates and refines its curriculum to stay abreast of evolving educational and health standards within Australia. The commitment of Constable Care embodies a profound dedication to ensuring the safety of youth. By placing a strong emphasis on recognising and acting upon medical emergencies, the program underscores the importance of a well-informed and proactive approach to health and safety in schools.


Constable Care’s Future Plans

In today’s rapidly changing world, the significance of first aid education and youth safety is increasingly paramount. Our commitment is the same: to equip young people through effective theatre-in-education programmes and community services that aim to enhance awareness, influence attitudes, and prompt behavioural change. Constable Care’s First Aid Education is pivotal in ensuring youth are adequately prepared for life’s uncertainties. We encourage you to engage with our First Aid Heroes programme – a critical step towards embedding a culture of safety and preparedness in our students.