Stay safe during Spooky Season!


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halloween safety tips poster

From creepy decorations, sugary treats and children in scary costumes rushing about, Halloween celebrations can be chaotic, stirring up excitement and providing distractions all around.

To help reduce the worry for parents and guardians, we are sharing Constable Care’s top ten safety tips so you can enjoy the festivities and be spooked by the theatre of Halloween and not by your child’s safety.

  • Travel in pairs – or more! No child should ever be alone and should travel in groups of two or more. Preferably, kids should be supervised by parents and ensure older children are aware they must stay together.
  • ID your child: Be sure to write your name and phone number on the inside of your child’s costume, on a wristband, or a sticker. Parents and carers often get creative with this one! Think about ways you’ve seen others do this and decide which works best for you and your child.
  • Charge your phones: Ensure mobile phones are fully charged for children carrying them and any GPS location trackers are switched on. If your child is trick or treating adult-free, ensure they have a phone to carry on them.
  • Be Street Smart: Remind your children about the basic road safety rules:
    – Walk, don’t run
    –  Favour road crossings
    –  Stick to the footpaths
    –  Check driveways for reversing cars
    –  Put electronic devices down and keep their eyes up when walking
  • Set them up for success: Be sure your child’s vision isn’t impaired by their costume or things like face paint. This helps to prevent injury caused by lack of vision and ensures they can see cars and other objects clearly.
  • Stay lit: Tell children to stay in well-lit areas. Place strips of reflective tape on the back and front of costumes, so that drivers can better see your child. Alternatively, torches or bright, glow-in-the-dark accessories are a great touch to any costume!
  • Stay outside: Ensure children understand never to enter a house while trick or treating, nor go near a car that might stop to offer treats. Children should only visit well-lit houses and those joining in the Halloween fun.
  • Food safety: If your child is going with another adult, ensure they are aware of any allergies or food intolerances. Tell your children not to eat anything until their safe return home so you can check the ingredients. You can turn this into a fun game where you work together to count their stash!
  • Map it out: Create a trick or treat route and only go to areas you are familiar with. Most local neighbourhoods advise if they are participating in Halloween, so be sure to chat with your neighbours and folks living on your street. Children who are trick or treating should only go to houses that are marked as participants.
  • Trick or Treat Safety: Speak to your kids about trick-or-treating and the safety rules before the day, and remind them again so they understand the risks. Make sure your children know what signs to look out for that indicate the house is participating or not.
  • Mark your house: Use one of our handy posters below to show your neighbourhood if you are or are not participating in trick or treating this year.




From Constable Care Foundation, we hope your family has a spooktacular day, that our tips help to keep your children safe, and that you get to enjoy a Halloween treat or two as well!