Woodvale students take centre stage to explore youth issues


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Year 10 Drama students at Woodvale Secondary College used live interactive theatre to explore drug use and healthy relationships with their community and peers this week.

The students undertook an intensive Forum Theatre program with our secondary school team this term to address vital social issues which impact their communities, empowering young people to take a stand, becoming spokespeople for their peers and leaders for change around complex topics.

Forum theatre is a form of interactive theatre making that is driven and inspired by participants thoughts and experiences.

Constable Care Child Safety Foundation CEO David Gribble says, “This approach allows students to collaborate with the actors to devise practical solutions for the scenarios – and even have a chance to get up on stage and play out their suggestions.”

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The first group of students explored themes around the effects of different drugs, what leads young people to trying drugs and what are some potentially negative outcomes from using drugs. The results are five short stories putting the spotlight on risky behaviour when under the influence of drugs, reactive depression leading to addiction, peer pressure to drive under the influence, unwanted pregnancy and violence as a result of binge drinking.

The other group of students discussed different types of relationships, what constitutes a healthy relationship and what factors can lead to unhealthy (or toxic) relationships. What resulted was 5 short stories about a controlling relationship, how family can negatively impact a romantic relationship, a toxic work relationship, infidelity and depression caused by a break up.

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