Constable Care salutes outgoing WA Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan


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WA Police Commissioner and Constable Care Patron, Karl O’Callaghan is set to retire after 13 years in the top job.

The Constable Care Child Safety Foundation sincerely thanks him for his services to the state and the Foundation.

The Commissioner and Constable Care have had a warm relationship over the years. It was the Commissioner who promoted WA’s favourite Constable to Senior Constable and rumor has it that Mr O’Callaghan donned the mascot suit himself as a young officer!

“Commissioner O’Callaghan has had a profound impact on WA,” said CCCSF CEO David Gribble. “His legacy of compassion, especially to WA’s children, is something that the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation will strive to continue.”

In 2014 Commissioner O’Callaghan awarded Constable Care his 25 year service medal at the 2014 WA Child Safety Awards.

He will be succeeded by incoming WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson.

5 things you might not know about Commissioner O’Callaghan

1. He is in a band! The Commissioner enjoys music as a pastime and plays with his band ‘The Filth’ to raise money for charity.

2. He and his wife Christine foster two young boys.

3. He was the very first WA police officer to obtain a PhD. He graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Education, 1st Class Honours.

4. He is the longest serving WA Police Commissioner since World War 2.

5. He is a massive Doctor Who fan and keeps memorabilia in his office.

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