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lawrence panaia

The Constable Care Child Safety Foundation is delighted to welcome our newest Board member, Commander Lawrence Panaia of the WA Police. Since joining the WA Police as a cadet in 1984, and graduating from the Police Academy in 1986, Cdr Panaia has served in various roles in Perth and regional WA, including working at the Fraud Squad and Macro Taskforce, as Covert Operations Manager, and as the Acting Assistant Commissioner of Judicial Services (Community Engagement and Youth Division). He is currently the Regional WA Commander.

Cdr Panaia has also been involved in many other community causes, including shining a spotlight on elder abuse, and serving on the Council of the PCYC. He says that he is “really interested in early-intervention and engaging with kids and youth in our community”. The Constable Care team is looking forward to benefiting from his decades of experience in policing, crime prevention and community engagement, as we work together to make WA a safer place for children and youth.

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